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[WSIG] Sugestion for Boardgames for me and my friends/family

2016.11.28 15:25 SolidAcoma [WSIG] Sugestion for Boardgames for me and my friends/family

Hi there,
im loking for 1 or more new Boardgames to play with my friends and/or family and thought of no better place to ask than here with all of you nice people ;-) I ask for 2 type of boardgames because most of the time i play with addults but sometimes my niblings (between 4 and 11 Years old) want to play as well. And lastly i give some opinions on games that we loved/hated ;-) thx in advance and happy sugesting.
Dominion with some expansions: love that game and still is fun
Kingdom Builder: none of us liked that game
Carcassonne with some expansions: the best game to date and everyone can play
Andor: I liked it quite a lot but the rest not so much :-(
Privacy: Fun game but almost broke my relationship..... works as intended i guess.
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2016.06.01 17:16 zryder94 Dating with ADHD?

So I had this thought, and I wanted to hear other's perspective. Would most of you ADDults think that dating another person with ADD would be a good idea? I would think that finding someone who truly understands what you are going through would be an absolutely wonderful thing, but then again, it's also a good idea to have someone to compliment you, and reinforce each other's strengths and weaknesses. Having someone with the same struggles isn't exactly reinforcement. Any thoughts?
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